Mr Steam

Steam Generator With Controls 20KW / 24KW / 30KW


Mr Steam

Steam Generator With Controls 20KW / 24KW / 30KW

£6,411.00 (inc. VAT)

We have put together our most popular ready made Steam Generator Packages to take the hassle away and to get you all the basic parts you need for your steam room / shower. Each package includes

  • The generator (choice of sizes)
  • The Controls - choose between Standard, Wireless or Premium - they all come with matching steam head/outlet
  • Autoflush to ensure fresh water is always used within the generator

The component parts:

    1) Steam Generator

    • Compact design, fits within a cabinet, closet, vanity, basement, or heated attic
    • eSeries generators are built with recyclable, surgical-quality stainless steel inside and out
    • LED colour indicators provides visual feedback for easy-to-navigate self-diagnostics
    • Industrial-grade heating elements perform reliably, in all water conditions
    • Modular "snap-in" connections
    • Easy to add plug & play spa therapy accessories - no complicated wiring.

    2) Choose one of the following control Options:-

    Option 1 - Premium Control Features (iSteam3)

    •  Award-winning intuitive touch screen control • Controls temperature, time, AromaSteam, ChromaSteam3 and AudioSteam3 • User Interface available in six different languages • Choice of screen modes - black or white •Autostart Programming, gets your steam shower ready for each day of the week • Real time clock, ambient temperature, passcode protection • Program custom settings for up to eight users • Standard with AromaSteam SteamHead • Works with SteamLinx Module and Mobile App •Available in white or black.

    Option 2 - Wireless Control Features (AirTempo)

    • no messy cables, installs on glass or almost any steam room wall material • Docking station allows removal for remote start • Adjusts preferences including temperature and duration • Controls AromaSteam and Chroma72 lighting • Capacitive touch panel, LCD display • 60-foot range from generator • 100 % waterproof electronic assembly • Standard with AromaSteam SteamHead • Works with SteamLinx Module and Mobile App

    Option 3 - Standard Control Features (iTempo)

    • Flush-mounted •Available in round or square styles, forged in solid brass with an elegant metal finish • Digital display lets you program temperature settings • Standard 60-minute timer • Comes in ten designer finishes (below) • Works with SteamLinx Module and Mobile App • Comes with matching iTempo AromaSteam SteamHead

       3) AutoFlush® System ( Included in all packages)

      • Clean Steam Every Time®
      • Automatic Hands-free activation
      • Introduces fresh water before each steambath and drains the generator tank following use
      • Proven performance, lengthens system life
      • Helps eliminate scaling.