All our steam equipment is from MrSteam a leading brand with all Steam generators manufactured in the U.S.

Mr Steam make steam boilers for hospital operating rooms and the Kennedy Space Center where superior technology and reliability is critical.

Mr Steam designs are both beautiful and functional.

Basic requirements for your Steam Room or Shower 

  1. A Steam Room/Shower enclosure, generally made of tile, natural stone such as marble, acrylic, fiberglass, or solid surface composites.                            
  2. A Generator, your steam generator will require a water line and drain, as well as access to an electrical outlet. Picking the right steam generator size makes a big difference. Too small, and it’s not effective. Too big, and it’s wasteful. Please contact us for help if you are unsure
  3. A Control Unit and Steam Head , steam is delivered from the generator through pipes to the steam heads in the steam shower enclosure, activated by controls. Since all MrSteam residential controls are suitable for in-shower use, we recommend that they are located inside the shower enclosure.
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