Libera Sauna



Libera Sauna

£99,999.00 (inc. VAT)

The AUROOM Libera is our standard units with Vertical wood layout and comes in various sizes and outstanding quality. Choose the wood type, size and whether you want glass fronted or part wood/glass. 

Designed for self build - all items are included.

You will need approx. 235cm head height to install the unit

PLEASE call with any questions and to enquire about current pricing

Please note that these units have an approx 4 week leadtime.

You will need a qualified electrician to undertake the connection of the Sauna to the power supply.   



Size (outside, depth x width): 120x180, 150x180, 150x200, 200x200 or 200x250 cm

Height: inside 203 cm, outside 210 cm Base: aluminium base frame 40x40 mm

Material: Aspen, Alder or Thermo-aspen (NB! All interior materials and extras are from the same material as the wall panels)

Profile: inside/outside wall panels vertical profile STV Valeura 15x90 mm, inside ceiling panels STS4 15x90 mm



Front wall: Choose either wood or glass wall

Door: Glass. hinges self-closing at 25° (3 pcs); handles Premium metal-wood or wood-wood

Glass: tempered, 8 mm, clear, bronze or grey

Aluminium profile 19x30 mm under the glass wall (painted black)


Upper and lower bench, bench skirt, backrest, heater guard: profile SHP 28x65 mm.

Frontboards: profile SHP, lower bench 28x120 mm, upper bench 28x65 mm.


Heater: SAWO MN-36NS (sauna size 120x180), SCA-60NS (150x180, 150x200), SCA-80NS (200x200), SCA-90NS (200x250)

Control unit: EOS Emotec D (black).


EOS LED strips (3-5 pcs, depending on sauna size) on the back wall under the upper bench (24V - 3,6W per meter).

EOS transformer for LED strips.