Premium Infrared Sauna Cabin for 2 People by Auroom



Premium Infrared Sauna Cabin for 2 People by Auroom

£4,595.00 (inc. VAT)

Infrared Sauna Cabin (1350 x 1050

This is our second model - Premium. It's slightly bigger than our other unit. It has thicker wood and features two colours of Aspen wood. A lovely looking unit at an affordable price.

It features a glass front and has two colours of Aspen wood. The walls are also a slightly thicker at 15mm Aspen wood - which is the best "non-allergenic" wood for infrared saunas. 

A darker Thermo Aspen wood is used on the on the Bench, Backrest and floor grid.

Full spectrum lamps the heat development is perfectly distributed over the entire length of the tube with optimum radiation. And its unique heat distribution system feels wonderful on the back 

This is a new offering from us, as Nordic specialise in bespoke sauna cabins - however we have worked with one of our top suppliers to bring this cabin to the market. Yes, you can buy cheaper but we simply won't offer "cheap" products and the wood is of comparable as used in our bespoke saunas.

Aspen is the best "non-allergenic" wood for infrared saunas.

Key features

  • 135cm Wide 105cm Deep and 200cm High
  • Full glass frontage made of 8mm clear glass with a premium handle and glass on glass hinges.
  • Wall panelling is STS 15x90mm Aspen wood (horizontal)
  • Bench, Backrest and Floor Grid is SHP 21x21mm Thermo Aspen wood
  • Base Frame is 40x40 Aluminium
  • The lighting is RGB (colour) changing with remote control.
  • There are LED strips under the bench and behind the backrest with 1xspotlight in the ceiling.
  • The Control unit is a Infratec Premium made in Germany by a leading company EOS.
  • 5 x 350W full spectrum lamp the total power is 1750W.

You will need a qualified electrician to undertake the connection of the Sauna to the power supply.   

We can provide an installation service - these units are heavy/2 person install.