Electa Sauna Cabin for 2-6 People by Auroom



Electa Sauna Cabin for 2-6 People by Auroom

£12,300.00 (inc. VAT)

The AUROOM Electa come with horizontal wood layout and is a modern and very sleek design. It comes in various sizes and outstanding quality. Choose the wood type and sauna size

You will need approx. 235cm head height to install the unit

Please feel free to call with any questions - we can discuss your exact requirements and send you details and ensure the order is 100% tailored to your needs.

Please note that these units have an approx 4 week leadtime.

You will need a qualified electrician to undertake the connection of the Sauna to the power supply.   

We can provide an installation service - these units are heavy/2 person install.  



Size (outside, depth x width): 120x180, 150x180, 150x200, 200x200 or 200x250 cm

Height: inside 203 cm, outside 210 cm.  Wooden base frame 40x40 mm

Material: Aspen, Alder or Thermo-aspen (NB! All interior materials and extras are from the same material as the wall panels)

Profile: inside/outside wall panels horizontal profile STF10 of different widths



Front wall: Fully glassed fronted with glass door and premium metal-wood handle

Glass: tempered, 8 mm, clear, bronze or grey

Door can be hung left or right-hand side


Upper and lower bench, bench skirt, backrest, heater guard


Heater Auroom Aura 4,5 kW (sauna size 120x180), 6 kW (150x180, 150x200), 9 kW (200x200, 200x250)

Control unit: Auroom Dicia D (German made)


Osram LED strips under benches and backrest 

OPTIONS (Call for details)

Wooden Floor Grid, Aluminium base frame, Speakers under bench, Bluetooth player Wireless Control for Bluetooth Player