Luxusline Royal Spenida 795 Whirlpool bath



Luxusline Royal Spenida 795 Whirlpool bath

£12,606.00 (inc. VAT)

Luxusline Royal Spenida 795

Thanks to the shapes and undoubtedly the dimensions of the Luxus Royal models, you can immerse your body under the water with the utmost comfort, either alone, or in the company with one or more others. These baths are therefore sure to provide a unique experience. They provide the same level of comfort as the Luxus Duo range. The bath is made from 6mm thick white acrylic, reinforced with polyester.

Dimensions Ð 1950mm x 1700mm (length x width), 600mm (depth)
Sap jets Ð20
Hydro jets - 24

The whirlpool bath comes with the following integrated features.

¥ Sps/hydro Combi system
The combi-system cleverly combines the powerful water jets on the side with the effervescent effect of the thousands of tiny air bubbles from the bath floor. However, you can also switch off either of these, if required!

¥ Flexaplus
Flexaplus if a luxury combined overflow/drain set, finished in polished chrome

¥ Poolmaster Remote Control Unit
The Poolmaster control is in the form of a luxurious and very practical remote control system. The base station is mounted on the bath rim, which also acts as the charger. The stylish designer remote control is designed so that it stays floating in the bath, which means that you always have the controls within reach. It will allow you to control the power of the water jets, along with selecting one of the many programmes already loaded.

¥ Coloured LED Lighting
Creating a high point, while you lie back and relax in the bath, it surrounds your body with an exciting display of twinkling and colouring lights: Purple, yellow, blue, red and green hues can each be enjoyed continuously or in an alternating sequence.

¥ Uno2 Thermostatic Mixer/Fitting 

Bath rim thermostat, streamlined and complements any bathroom design. Available in chrome. Width of handle: 60 mm.